Sammy Winchester (emo_sonnet_boy) wrote in spnrpg,
Sammy Winchester

RP: Reunited and it feels so good. ;D

Date: July 16, 2006
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, yo.
Status: Private, unless you're stowing under the Impala.
Summary: Sam and Dean need to have a very serious talk indeed. Like, you know, how to get Dean to NOT DIE.
Completion: Incomplete.

"You're not gonna talk about this, are you?" Sam said tentatively, glancing over at the driver's side of the car, where Dean sat staring very resolutely at the road. "You're going to be all hardass and act like its no big deal that you sold your soul, right?"

God, he loved his brother, but sometimes he was seriously the biggest, stupidest, most stubborn dumbass on the face of the earth. Or most times. Depending on how much booze he had consumed.

The whole night had been fucking insane as it was, what with opening the gates of hell, closing them, letting out about five thousand demons, and seeing their dad climb out of hell-- this would be a story to tell the kids. And finding out his brother was not going to live but for three-hundred-and-sixty-five more days kinda overpowered the whole glorious defeat of the demon. He couldn't see Dean die. He couldn't. Dean was his family; his everything.

It was his turn to do the saving. His turn to be the one Dean could count on. His turn to be the big stinkin' hero.
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