dean_rules (dean_rules) wrote in spnrpg,

So, Sammy went and found himself a demon to chat up with. A demon, Sam? That's what we hunt. You can't make buddy buddy with a demon just for the possibility of saving me. Well, in other news, we lost $46,000 to some chick with a crappy british accent. Oh, and Sammy lost his shoe. His shoe! What is he, 5 years old!? I swear. He goes and holds a rabbit's foot and all Hell breaks loose. Ha, get it, breaks loose. We opened the gate to Hell. I crack myself up sometimes.
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It doesn't count when I'm under a curse that makes me fall over.

Your puns. Ha. HAHA.
Oh, it counts, Sammy. It so counts. I mean, your shoe. You couldn't have held onto your shoe. You stepped in gum. Do I have to keep you on a leash. I'm surprised you didn't scratch your nose and set the hotel room on fire!